My Taste in Music

2 07 2015

I know I haven’t written for a long time. Forgive my old hole.

I want to share with you my taste in music. I have been accused of having a very narrow scope of taste in music, and I suppose that is true. I primarily like electronic music. But electronic music has such a wide range that I want to convey to you the scope of music I like beginning with the sexiest and ending in the most intellectual.

This is the sexiest electronic song I have ever heard:

It reminds me of Sade, who is not averse to cool, clean keyboards:

Now consider the whole New Wave and synthpop movement. It gets a little bit bolder and much more avant garde.

Then we have the electronic dance-pop gem that is Erasure:

If my memory is correct, Andy Bell (the singer) was one of the first pop singers to claim to be gay.

Let us move on. Oh, no, there is this video horror made for one of the greatest songs ever recorded. It isn’t fair! Why should the video belie the beauty of the song?

But Erasure will not be un-done. No. They have released what, in my opinion, deserves to be called the fiercest dance anthem of 2015.

Now that is a tune that keeps me both thinking and dancing. It is the ultimate face-off between fags and haters.

But this is intellectually satisfying:

What a beautiful anthem.

There is another anthem, though, which surprisingly slakes my thirst.

That is perhaps the most satisfying series of sounds I have ever heard.

That is my taste in music. It is simple, romantic, and challenging. It is curious.

Girls Fuck Sexism!

23 10 2014

Fuck. This is great. It’s a public announcement that draws attention to gender-based discrimination featuring—girls! ‘Girls? What are those? The after-thought of ’80s cartoon characters?’

I found it posted to my Facebook wall by Sara Silverman, whom I adore:

Oh, fuck! You mean a girl said fuck?? How outrageous! Let us retreat to our 1950s mindset and remember to tell girls to act like ladies so men won’t rape them, because the only reason men rape women is because women tempt them, and men can’t help it. Yes! After all, rape means, ‘forcing men to force you to have sex with them’, right? Oh? It doesn’t? It actually means ‘forcible sex’? This is news to me.

This is an important point these young girls make in the video. Rape happens because rapists choose to rape, not because of the way women dress. Men don’t earn more money because they are qualified; they earn more money because they are men; excellence doesn’t prove fortunate in the workplace unless you are male, while excellent women continue to struggle.

Shitty music aside, the FCKH8 announcement did something people don’t normally do: ask girls to do something rebellious. We need to stop telling little girls what not to do, and we need to start teaching boys that they are capable of compassion.








Showcase: Marta Ivanova

13 09 2014

Starkly beautiful and boldly natural. That is how I would describe Ivanova’s work. There is a sightly disturbing undertone to her photographs which makes it thought-provoking.

Fluster Magazine

Marta Ivanova (1991, Russia) is a young Lithuanian artist, revealing body, femininity and everyday life intimately and unexpectedly in her works. After graduation in Sculpture in Vilnius M. K. Čiurlionio Arts Gymnasium, she chose Photography and Media Arts studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Namely photographic and video material dominates in the artist’s works, but installation or performance expression is also familiar to her. Marta’s works have been exhibited abroad and published in various art review magazines. 

In her works there are constant hints to strands of womanly themes and subtle critique. Every work is different, carried out with various techniques, playing with womanly subthemes and juggling with intermediate situations between him and her. Artist actively uses her personal experience, visually talking to her body.

Interviewed by Chiara Costantino
Marta Ivanova-4

Hi Marta! How did you come to photography?

Hello, the artist is like a traveler (a tourist), constantly travelling and being escorted…

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Mandatory Colours: Technopagan and Manhunter

14 08 2014

The very fact that these colours are called ‘Technopagan’ and ‘Manhunter’–not to mention the fact that I am a man-hunter with a penchant for paganism and techno music, or the fact that Deven Green is a devilish comic genius–is enough reason to endorse this refreshingly colourful cosmetic palette. If I were a girl (that is, if I weren’t going to be beaten up on the street for doing so), I would wear all of them!

Deven Green

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Three Intimate Yet Groovy Dance Tunes

31 07 2014

A lot of people describe dance music as ‘soulless’. I completely disagree. I think this is an idea concocted by people who are more familiar with rave music from the late ’90s than the legacy of funk, soul, disco, techno, and synthpop which has informed pop music since the mid-’70s. Dance music is just popular music with a danceable beat, melody, catchy hook, and lyrics important enough that you keep singing them inside your head.

Some dance songs prove superior to others because they have lyrics which reveal the intimate reflections of their writers. At the same time, the musical accompaniment, whether guitar, synthesiser, or drum, holds up the background and forces people to move. In this situation, dance and emotion are the same. The inner person becomes dance.

The most emotional and soulful dance song, for me, is ‘Hideaway’, by the British synthpop band Erasure. They manage to create a luxurious texture of sounds and melody while conveying a very important message:

Obviously, the song is about coming out as gay. This was actually revolutionary for its time—the song is from the Circus album, which was released in 1987—and singer Andy Bell is one of the first lead singers of a major pop group to come out as gay. I actually personally commend him for writing this song, because it is so important. And yet it is fun, catchy, and danceable! Who’d have thought??

The next song is by somebody everybody knows, but I don’t want to ruin the experience by mentioning the artist’s name, so I will just say that I find it infectious, groovy, and emotionally revealing:

Everybody constantly criticises Madonna, but this song proves two things: her stature as the queen of inventive dance-pop and her ability to reflect on her youth. It is actually really interesting to groove to a song that reveals the inner feelings of Madonna. It is fun, catchy, sing-song, and danceable, but it also reveals her torn memories about her mother (who died when she was only five years old) and her father, who didn’t offer everything she sought. And so she fought for what she has today.

There is one more song I want to add to the list of songs I categorise as intimately danceable. You might think it unusual, but if you know my ear, you’ll know what I mean. It is ‘Sara’, by Fleetwood Mac:

I’m not exactly sure what she’s saying, but the cool, quavering voice of Stevie Nicks has always haunted me. The song makes me want to sway to and fro and coo and echo everything Stevie is saying, as though it flutters within me. And at the same time, it is not a slow song. It is upbeat. It is a song that makes you want to move while feeling what she says.

I don’t care whether it’s Madonna, Erasure, or Fleetwood Mac. A good dance groove with a good melody and good lyrics makes the best song. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s a huge name or not–the point is that dance music can conjure up unexpected emotions. Dance music can be surprisingly soul-satisfying.





More from OCCmakeup – Fall/Winter Campaign UNKNOWN PLEASURES

23 07 2014

Deven is so gorgeous, she puts drag queens to shame!

Deven Green



The new Fall/Winter colours “UNKNOWN PLEASURES!”

Lament – Neutral rose beige
Covet – Golden buff neutral
Manhunter – Red/orange w/ golden shimmer
Pagan – Blackened purple
Technopagan – Blackened purple with blue pearl
Vain – Deep, dark indigo

Dangerous – Opaque, true grey
Covet – Golden buff neutral
Poison – Shimmer ivy green
Distortion – Deep shimmering navy
Pagan – Blackened purple
Technopagan – Blackened purple with blue pearl

The collection will be available online at and beginning 8/5 – 2014!

— with Nichole Christine, David Klasfeld, Trash Cult, David Phelps, Ja Ck and Nicky Whitten.

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Book Review: Moab is my Washpot by Stephen Fry

2 07 2014

Having watched Mr Fry in the biographical film about Oscar Wilde, and having read his refreshingly truthful quotes about the idea of ‘being offended’, I cannot say I have read this book, but I would probably recommend it if I had.

Fluster Magazine

Moab is my Washpot

by Stepehn Fry

[per la versione italiana andate giù]

moab is my washpot

Reviewed by Giulia Bertelli

I finished this book about two weeks ago and for many different reason I find myself to write about it just now. This is a bit strange for me because I usually have to write down at least something on what I liked or unliked of my latest reading.
But here we are and both you and me have to accept this situation, I just hope to still have something with any sense to tell you. I can do it, I just have to keep calm.
I read this book while I was on holiday in Barcelona at the end of may and I think it was the perfect reading. It’s the first part of Stephen Fry’s autobiography, and even if he tells you so many facts and stories, you can close the…

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