Girls Fuck Sexism!

23 10 2014

Fuck. This is great. It’s a public announcement that draws attention to gender-based discrimination featuring—girls! ‘Girls? What are those? The after-thought of ’80s cartoon characters?’

I found it posted to my Facebook wall by Sara Silverman, whom I adore:

Oh, fuck! You mean a girl said fuck?? How outrageous! Let us retreat to our 1950s mindset and remember to tell girls to act like ladies so men won’t rape them, because the only reason men rape women is because women tempt them, and men can’t help it. Yes! After all, rape means, ‘forcing men to force you to have sex with them’, right? Oh? It doesn’t? It actually means ‘forcible sex’? This is news to me.

This is an important point these young girls make in the video. Rape happens because rapists choose to rape, not because of the way women dress. Men don’t earn more money because they are qualified; they earn more money because they are men; excellence doesn’t prove fortunate in the workplace unless you are male, while excellent women continue to struggle.

Shitty music aside, the FCKH8 announcement did something people don’t normally do: ask girls to do something rebellious. We need to stop telling little girls what not to do, and we need to start teaching boys that they are capable of compassion.










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