My Taste in Music

2 07 2015

I know I haven’t written for a long time. Forgive my old hole.

I want to share with you my taste in music. I have been accused of having a very narrow scope of taste in music, and I suppose that is true. I primarily like electronic music. But electronic music has such a wide range that I want to convey to you the scope of music I like beginning with the sexiest and ending in the most intellectual.

This is the sexiest electronic song I have ever heard:

It reminds me of Sade, who is not averse to cool, clean keyboards:

Now consider the whole New Wave and synthpop movement. It gets a little bit bolder and much more avant garde.

Then we have the electronic dance-pop gem that is Erasure:

If my memory is correct, Andy Bell (the singer) was one of the first pop singers to claim to be gay.

Let us move on. Oh, no, there is this video horror made for one of the greatest songs ever recorded. It isn’t fair! Why should the video belie the beauty of the song?

But Erasure will not be un-done. No. They have released what, in my opinion, deserves to be called the fiercest dance anthem of 2015.

Now that is a tune that keeps me both thinking and dancing. It is the ultimate face-off between fags and haters.

But this is intellectually satisfying:

What a beautiful anthem.

There is another anthem, though, which surprisingly slakes my thirst.

That is perhaps the most satisfying series of sounds I have ever heard.

That is my taste in music. It is simple, romantic, and challenging. It is curious.