Pay to prey, part one.

20 08 2013

Maternity marketing ploys are creepy.

Books, tea, fleeces, Jesus.


I recently found out I am five months pregnant. Things happened fast in terms of appointments and information. The maternity nurse handed me a folder with forms to complete. This pink, white and blue folder, emblazoned with the word ‘Bounty’ also contained samples, leaflets, vouchers for parenting ‘essentials’ and a catalogue.

Who are Bounty?  according to their website Bounty are the ‘ one-stop pregnancy, baby and parenting club for mums-to-be and new mums.’

How nice. How bountiful of Bounty to share their knowledge and follow you through your pregnancy all the way to the maternity ward with more folders, freebies and a camera.  Say what?

Bounty pay the NHS.  They pay to promote products and sell your information to third parties who will spam you until your foetus is of pensionable age. Bounty send photograpers to snap pictures of you and your new baby, which are yours for a pretty…

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