What Equality Means To Me

5 05 2013

I enjoy reading the Being Feminist posts on Facebook. I also appreciate the concept of intersectionality present in much of gender theory.

Being Feminist

In response to a typical business email, the adviser of The Equality Alliance (The LGBT* group of which I’m the secretary at my college) asked me:

Question. First paragraph, second sentence. What do you mean by “equality”?  Is it not a contradiction to seek “equality” by drawing attention to differences?

To which I responded as follows:

“Never an uninteresting question, Dr. & I thank you for it!

Equality, at least to me, means that no one is done harm based on the things that make them different.

Equality to me means that a person can celebrate their heritage as an African, or a person of African decent, but they do not have to suffer blown up churches, industrial sized hoses, police dogs or lynchings.

Equality to me means that a person can understand and celebrate her sex and her gender and she can CHOOSE the kitchen or the…

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