Fundies Use Kids to Save Seattle!

24 07 2011

Evangelical Christians are praying for Seattle’s lost souls—using those of children.

In a recent entry on my professional blog, I discussed how Texas governor Rick Perry is organising a 6 August prayer rally in Houston, seemingly with the intent of “taking back America for Christ”. Basically, Perry’s rally is being led by the youth ministry International House of Prayer (IHOP), which is strongly influenced by the evangelical leader and “prayer warrior” Lou Engles. Engles has influenced multiple other youth ministries (TheCall, Elijah Revolution, Root 52, and the Kids on Fire camp featured in the Jesus Camp documentary) which practice charismatic “prayer warfare”. These ministries train young, impressionable children as “prayer warriors”. All of these groups are influenced in some way by the “Seven Mountains” theology, which teaches that there are seven “mountains”, or domains, in which Christians have to take back America for Christ: family, education, government, the economy, the arts, the media, and religion. (Visit this Goddiscussion article in order to verify this information.)

Basically, the Texas governor is leading a prayer rally which is connected to all these other groups which indoctrinate children to pray for America to return to Christ. I’m not usually categorically judgemental, but when you use children in such a way, it’s just vile. Folks, this is not just about church-state separation; it is about children’s rights and right to conscience. Parents should not be allowed to do whatever they want to their children if it impairs or injures them physically or mentally. That isn’t parenting; that’s a power-trip.

One of these ministries, Elijah Revolution, teaches that the spirit of Elijah (good) will vanquish the spirit of Jezebel (bad), using a typical noble-male-versus-wicked-female trope. Elijah Revolution recorded a music album featuring the ministerial voice of Engles as a backdrop, and Root 52, led by “prophet” Cindy Jacobs, cited material from the album in its recent “Washington prayer alert” to combat abortion and other “evils” which dominate the northwestern coastal region of the United States. In it, you will see how the adult leaders seek to use children to their own ends, not to mention vilifying women as evil temptresses. The prayer alert calls on Root 52 followers to subdue Seattle and Washington state and bring them back to God and Jesus Christ—especially through the arts, for which Seattle is renowned:

In mapping both Seattle and Olympia many key ley lines have been discovered (a majority of them have been established through the arts).  Olympia is laid out much like Washington D.C. influenced by free-masonry design and structure.  We believe that a key to binding and bringing down these Baal/witchcraft/jezebel influenced strongholds will be through the Arts and Media sphere!   May God raise up anointed singers, musicians, artists, craftsmen, sculptors, dancers, etc, in the Northwest!  We are praying for the hearts of the fathers to turn to the children and the hearts of the children to turn to the Fathers to release an Elijah Revolution that confronts this jezebel spirit. And we are praying for a generation of Jehu’s who walk in sexual purity and the truth and power of God’s written Word to bring her down (Rev. 2:18-29).  As the light of the Glory of God in face of Christ increases through day and night prayer and worship combined with a kingly anointing, we will see these demonic strongholds dislodged from this region!

 We stake a Claim in the midst of the Whirlwind for the Glory of the Lamb through every sphere in society in Washington State.  May God  “Wash” Washington, “a ton”  through the blood of his Son.  Jesus we plead your blood over our sins and the sins of our state.  God end abortion and send Revival to Washington!  Amen! [sic]

This makes me an even bigger feminist. As a Seattleite, I am amused by this noisy incantation, steeped as it is in blood-soaked tones of desperation. It doesn’t surprise me that Root 52 should send out a prayer alert to Washington state. According to a 2009 Gallup poll on the importance of religion in the U.S., Washington is the fifth least religious state out of the fifty United States. Meanwhile, Seattle has the second highest percentage of openly gay people of any major city in the U.S., right after dildo-banging San Francisco. Washington state was the first jurisdiction in the United States (along with Kalamazoo, MI) in which an extension of gay rights was approved in a public referendum, with Referendum 71 in 2009. In addition, Seattle mayor Bertha Landes was the first female mayor of a major American city. Currently, the two-term state governor is Christine Gregoire, a woman, whilst Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray are both Democratic female senators for Washington state. *Pant*. I can’t stop. Must continue. Seattle Public Schools desegregated without a court order, and the Seattle metropolitan area has the highest percentage of people who identify as mixed-race of any metropolitan area in the United States.  That’s a lot of sodomistic, feministic miscegenation goin’ on there. Root 52 and other radical Christian youth ministries have an uphill battle fighting against “debasement” in the Evergreen State. I welcome the embrace of their dusty Texan bosoms with the shamelessly moss-ridden moisture of my own wanton dugs.

Well, as I have done with my seminal “Christians vs. Witches” blog series, which is in its second instalment, I think I will re-write my blog entry on Governor Perry and the child prayer warriors of his evangelical prayer network to reflect the true inner workings of my depraved, irredeemable soul, but I will focus on the Washington prayer alert of Cindy Jacobs’s Root 52 and the great red southern plague which threatens to suffocate the Soviet Republic of Seattle underneath Jacobs’s leather Christian boot. This will be the content of my upcoming blog material. You may notice how my previous series overlaps with my present one. All I ask is that you return to my blog regularly as a loyal, devoted reader to feast your eyes upon my many horrors and discover what new evil creatures I have hatched from the depths of my muggy, maleficent man-womb.



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24 07 2011

I’ve seen Jesus Camp — it’s so sad, especially the part with the little girl who loves dancing. I remember she was talking about how she has to be careful to not “dance for the flesh” and confessed to dancing “for the flesh” sometimes — I doubt she even had any idea what she even meant. I’m sure she was just parroting something some Christian adult hopped up on Jesus juice told her.

Anyways, the scariest part is about using children to promote a cause — any cause — is that the adults who are abusing the kids tend to genuinely believe that they are going a good and right thing. This is why it’s so damned hard to persuade them to change their minds!

Also, I didn’t know you had a professional blog, too!

26 07 2011
Brandon Arkell

I know!! I grew up with a fundamentalist father and a mother who always questioned that whole tradition, and we have to understand–THIS STUFF IS INGRAINED IN THEM. And from the earliest age. I think it’s cruel and unfair. Children should never be exploited intellectually because they are still young and impressionable. (Especially because children’s brains are so plastic.) It’s sooo wrong and exploitative.

And you make a good point–the parents think they are doing their children good. But that’s probably because the parents themselves were raised in the same way, and their brains have largely developed in the same way. It’s almost as though they don’t know what they’re doing. A lot of it has to do with being sheltered and stuck out in the suburbs of Middle America, and the lack of emphasis on science and education in the U.S., which is basically turning into a third-world country split along extremely stark political lines.

We need to value education and children and science and health more in the United States.

26 07 2011

You’re preaching to the choir here, but part of the problem is that, to many fundamentalist Christians, there is no need to plan for the future by investing in science or health — this is because, allegedly, God is going to take care of us and the rapture is coming soon.

I only know this, of course, because that’s what my mom has told me repeatedly.

28 07 2011
Brandon Arkell

Excellent point. That reminds me of an allegory I once heard, and I think we can appreciate the point whether we are atheist or not:

A man left his house one day to find that the nearby river was flooding his town. When a fire-engine came by to rescue him, he said he didn’t need rescuing because he prayed to God to be saved, and he was waiting for God to follow through and save him. So, the fire-engine drove away, leaving the man behind.

Soon, the waters started flooding the first storey of his house, so he went up to the second storey to escape the waters. A rescue boat came by and the passengers offered to save him, but again he declined their help, citing his prayer to God and saying he was waiting for God’s intervention. So, the rescue boat went away and left him there at his second-storey window.

Eventually, the second storey of the his house became submerged under the waters, so the man had to climb out of his window and on to his roof. A rescue helicopter flew by overhead, and the passengers offered to send down a ladder and bring up onboard. Once more, he refused, saying he was waiting for God to answer his prayer to be saved. The people in the helicopter couldn’t wait there and try to convince him because they had other people to save, so they flew away and left him there on his rooftop. Finally, the flood-waters submerged the entire house, roof, chimney, and all, and the man drowned.

When the man reached heaven, he met God. He asked God, “God, why didn’t you save me from the flood that I drowned in? I prayed for you to save me!” God responded, “Uh, what do you mean I didn’t save you? I sent you a fire-engine, and when you refused that I sent you a rescue boat, and when you refused that I sent you a helicopter. What else am I supposed to do to save you?”

I find this allegory highly amusing and always like to cite it in reference to Christian Science (the religion that teaches that we should seek healing by asking for divine help rather than using man-made medicine).

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